Q: Where’s that Little Coffee News man hiding?

A: I can’t tell you THAT! It would ruin your fun! I will tell you that he’s the same size every week, and he’s always hiding in one of our local advertisers ad.

Q: Where can I pick up the latest Coffee News?

A: Since October 2001 Coffee News has been found in all of your favorite restaurants, diners and coffee shops throughout the towns of Leominster, Fitchburg, Lunenburg, Shirley, Ayer, Clinton, Lancaster and Sterling. However, since the events of the Spring of 2020, we’ve been publishing an online edition that can be found here on our Current Issue page.

Q: Do restaurants have to pay to have Coffee News delivered every week?

A: No! Coffee News is FREE for restaurants and their customers! If you would like Coffee News delivered to YOUR favorite restaurant, ask them to call Tom at 978-549-8948.

Q: Who advertises in Coffee News?

A: Local businesses from North Central Massachusetts who want their message to be seen three meals a day, seven days a week, by customers who are right there in their own back yards!

Q: Can restaurants advertise in Coffee News?

A: No, because 95% of our distribution is through restaurants, we protect them from having their competitors advertising lure away their patrons. We want to increase everyone’s business!

Q: I want to advertise my business in Coffee News! Do I have to design my own ad?

A: No, all ads are designed by a professional graphic artist to insure the most effective impact on the readers. You only provide your logo if desired, and the information that you would like included. There is a one time ad design fee.

Q: Can I change an ad now and then?

A: Yes! Ad changes are always FREE for as long as you’re with us!