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"Coffee Poetry" is a late addition to the Coffee News web site. It's a 'just for fun' element that came about as a result of John McCrea submitting poetry to the publisher of Coffee News of Lincoln (Nebraska) with his monthly contest entry. So thanks to Mr. McCrea, and with his permission, we are able to offer his "coffee" poetry for you to enjoy, along with other author's works. Mr. McCrea is a published poet, having his work featured in "Life Lines Magazine", a magazine for senior citizens of Nebraska.

If you have some fun coffee-related poetry that you would like to share, please e-mail them to us at Tom@My-CoffeeNews.com, or mail them to our mailing address in the lower-right corner of this page. If there is enough interest, we may start a "Poetry Corner" as a new feature of the weekly print edition of Coffee News and print YOUR poems for our community to read each week!


Coffee Is Cool

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The Coffee Prayer

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